Malamocco is one of the oldest settlements in the Venice lagoon: its history goes back to the times of the ancient Romans. The Borgo is a place full of mysteries and legends; the old sea men of the lagoon narrate how the ancient Metamauco village once stood facing the sea and after was swept away by a violent seaquake. The inhabitants say that in the days of calm sea, it is still possible to see the ruins of the ancient city ... Today Malamocco, or Novo Metamauco, is a stunning ancient village in the intimacy of the Venetian lagoon where time seems to be suspended in a dream state of calmness. Despite its proximity to the city center of Venice, there is an air of quietness and serenity, privacy and self-dialogue. Like a hug coming from the sea, Relais Alberti is located right in the heart of the Borgo, ready to welcome its guests as Le Locandiere used to do with the veterans returning from a faraway sea or land journey. Your voyage to your emotional maison to rediscover lost sensations.