Alberti Family

The Alberti family is made of history, tradition and ... courage. When Venice fell into the jaws of the most terrible epidemic plague in history even Malamocco, the happy village of the Venetian lagoon, wasn't safe anymore. The wealthy patrician Pietro Cesare Alberti (1608-1655), born and raised in the dwellings that now are part of Relais Alberti, was forced to flee to try to save himself from sure death. A journey that left its mark in history and that brought him from the quiet of the lagoon currents to the stormy ocean, to arrive in the promised land: the Americas. Pietro Alberti settled in what is called now New York becoming the first immigrant of millions of Italian Americans who later arrived to form a vital part of the American culture. With the participation and support of the National Italian American Foundation, on June 2nd, the "Pietro Alberti Day" in New York is commemorated: a special day for the entire Italian community of America in which Italians remember their origins in a moment of joy and conviviality. A stone plate in Battery Park in the Bowling Green marks Peter's point of arrival; a meeting and commemoration point that touches the heart of the Motherland. The Writing sais: "Peter Caesar Alberti first Italian settler landed in N.Y. June 2nd, 1635 through the efforts of John N. La Corte founder of the Italian Historical Society of America - June 2nd, has been proclaimed Alberti day" A.Ottavino